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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

The booking fee - payable at the time of any booking, or covered by your Gift Voucher - is refundable or transferable only with 7 days notice of cancellation for Saturdays or 48 hours for weekday bookings.

Gift Vouchers

Our vouchers are valid for one year, and may be extended, only by prior arrangement with the studio.

Some gifts have added value which is time sensitive like PHOTOGENIC Babies Month-by-Month, First Communion Packages, Mother's Day & Father's Day and Family & New Baby Special - the latter has added value up until the month of the new baby's first birthday only. These limited offers have inflexible timelines for the added value, but are valid at face value for one year.

Rewarding Times Gift Vouchers are sold by a third party and have very specific expiry & redemption dates which are not negotiable.

It's advisable to contact us about your Gift Voucher as soon as you receive it and check any time sensitive terms or bonuses.




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Our Lastminute Offer is like being on a standby list for a flight - you can't book more than two days in advance, but if you can respond quickly, you get great value when you take up a Lastminute session appointment.

Available for Saturdays only, our emails go out on Wednesdays if we have an availability for the following weekend.

You will receive €175 bonus credit from us to spend when you book our €350 Portrait Special in response to a Lastminute email.

Terms : view within 21 days ; €175 bonus credit is for additional Gift Prints or Wall Portraits.

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