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Wednesday to Friday

Month-by-Month Babies

in support of The NMH Foundation

PHOTOGENIC Babies portrait sessions are a midweek* programme designed for you capture the amazing changes of your baby's first year. You can choose any Wednesday to Friday* to photograph a moment in your baby's incredible journey of the First Year of life. You decide which of your baby's stage or stages you'd like to capture and book in for your PHOTOGENIC Babies session, so choose a session to capture any (or every) stage of their first year. Tell their story and make memories now, forever.

This is an official fundraiser for The NMH Foundation, which has raised €8,827 since 2014.

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News & Updates

What's Happening in 2022

October 2022

If you are a Vhi member who has had a new baby since February 2022 you can avail of the Gift from ourselves and The Vhi for your baby to have a midweek portrait session with us Wednesday to Friday.

Please get in touch and we'll help you to book your new baby's studio portrait session, by filling out the form on the dedicated page, linked below, and we will be in touch with you. The form should be filled out with your details rather than your baby's details.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Dalkey in the near future.

Request Your Session

If you know when you'd like a session with PHOTOGENIC, we've added a simple form to help you quickly contact us with your choice of portrait session date in mind.

Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you to help make a booking.

Book Now

We've added a new number for contact by WhatsApp, as we know this can be a more convenient way to connect with us.

You can now reach us using the WhatsApp link at the base of the page.

This is not for calls, so please continue to use our landline 01 284 5544 to speak to us.