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Our NMH Official Fundraiser

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Wednesday to Friday

Month-by-Month Babies

in support of The NMH Foundation

PHOTOGENIC Babies portrait sessions are a midweek* programme designed for you capture the amazing changes of your baby's first year. You can choose any Wednesday to Friday* to photograph a moment in your baby's incredible journey of the First Year of life. You decide which of your baby's stage or stages you'd like to capture and book in for your PHOTOGENIC Babies session, so choose a session to capture any (or every) stage of their first year. Tell their story and make memories now, forever.

This is an official fundraiser for The NMH Foundation, which has raised €9,777 since 2014.

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News & Updates

What's Happening in 2024

Images in our Archive

We in PHOTOGENIC have 30 years of images stored in archives. As the cost of storage is no longer unsustainable, the responsible thing to do is to begin the process of purging those images.

You can register your interest in purchasing your negatives or digital files from us using the link below.


May 2024

Great value for First Communion, now in our Shop.

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Kids & Dogs - a winning combination and a very fun session.

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We know how much our dogs mean to us, they are part of the family. Would you like the opportunity to have a portrait made by us and be a part of our portfolio with your dog all while supporting a worthy local dog rescue charity Dog's Angels Ireland?

Or why not simply purchase our new PHOTOGENIC | Dog Lover's Special

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We are offering Mother & Child Display Sessions this month.

Take this chance to create a beautiful portrait and possibly appear in our studio portfolio.

The session fee is waived with no obligation to purchase. If you love your portraits you will receive a €100 Studio Credit towards a Wall Portrait, as a big Thank You!

Apply Below or call 01 284 544 for more details

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We have introduced a new 'Marque of Authenticity' to our Custom Wall Portraits.

This will replace the signing/dating previously included on our pieces. Signing/dating will be available as an optional extra.

This change will significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and it will improve the time it takes to produce a portrait order.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio to use your PHOTOGENIC Gift Voucher.

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We'll also check for any time sensitive or seasonal terms & bonuses.

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